Why are Chatbots the ultimate talk of the business world?

During this hour of pandemic throughout the world, every business is trying to expand its wings and spread them in the digital market more than before. Even consumers are making themselves an expert in online buying and exploration. So marketers have decided to upgrade their online systems in every possible way. The presence of Chatbot … Read more

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

digital marketing-trends 2021

At the time of this pandemic all over the world, each and every business is trying to evolve and spread their branches in Online Market more than before. All the customers are making themselves experts in online purchasing and research. All the businesses are trying to catch customers online more than offline. Digital marketing enthusiasts … Read more

Why is website speed such an important factor?

Why is website speed such an important factor? Site speed is one of the factors which determines whether you get a good ranking in Google. Site speed is a ranking factor, and its importance keeps growing. A fast website provides a much better user experience than a slow one. Research has shown time and again that a slow website … Read more

Facebook to Start Charging for Some of Its WhatsApp Business Services


On Thursday, Facebook told CNBC that it charges businesses for sending select messages to customers like boarding passes or product receipts, but the costs vary on market and quantity of messages sent.  Although, Facebook one of the leading online social media and social networking service provider communicated its plans to charge for some of its … Read more

A Turning Point in the History of the Web World as Yahoo Announces Shutdown

A 19 years legacy comes to an end as Yahoo puts the final nail in the coffin by announcing shutdown of Yahoo Groups and Social platforms from December 15, 2020. The steady decline in the engagement level over the years across all Yahoo! properties has triggered this untoward decision. Verizon Communications, a multinational telecommunications conglomerate … Read more

E-commerce is booming: Are you ready?

No prizes for guessing the fastest growing business sector in the world. Nowadays more and more buyers and sellers are in E-commerce, electronic commerce, buying and selling goods and services. And also transmitting funds and data, through an electronic medium, primarily the internet. It is quite surprising that though relatively new, customers trust E-commerce stores … Read more

Digital Transformation: Upgrade Strategic Thinking not Technology

According to Prof. David Rogers, a professor at Columbia Business School, author of The Digital Transformation Playbook and a globally recognized digital expert, digital transformation is not only about updating your technology but also about upgrading your strategic thinking. He believes that pre-digital-era companies can reinvigorate their game plans and capture the new opportunities of … Read more

Digital Transformation: 2020 and Beyond

You may use the latest state-of –the- art technology to manufacture your products, but that does not mean your business has achieved digital transformation. To achieve that, you must implement technology that enables complete new processes to accomplish the digital marketing goals and objectives to boost business growth. You have to choose fast and frequently … Read more

10 Myths and Misconceptions about Digital Marketing Which You Need to Sort Out Today!

Demystifying the myths about digital marketing is the first step towards ensuring success in this medium. Some people find digital marketing very complex and confusing, yet others feel it is a shortcut to achieve business goals and a lot of people believe digital marketing is a low-cost marketing medium with instant return on investment. No … Read more

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