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Get better return on investment by boosting your search engine visibility with effective search engine marketing.

At Techwala, we specialize in search engine marketing strategy to trigger specific and relevant content search that is relevant for your business and services. We incorporate the best practices of Search Engine Marketing and implement innovative campaigns to improve your search ranks with pay-per-click cost model, effective advertising placement management and link building strategies.

Why You Need Search Engine Marketing

Billions of internet users depend on search engines to find relevant web content. The question is whether your brand is being found by them?

Effective search engine marketing relies on SEO and Paid Advertising to gain visibility, online brand awareness and customer acquisition through

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads
Pay-Per-Call (PPC) ads
Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ads
Cost-Per-Thousand impressions (CPM) ads
Paid Search Ads
Paid Search Advertising

Why Choose Techwala for Search Engine Marketing

As your SEM partner, we improve your Search Engine Page Ranking; boost search engine presence and influence Search Engine to display your business ads to the searchers. We scout the right set of keywords and design keyword optimized content and Call-to-Action for generating quality leads for your website.Our expert SEM team continuously test your ad copies and landing pages and continuously strive towards improving CTR by aiming for a better quality score.

At Techwala, we efficiently manage your Search Engine Marketing campaigns by tracking your budget in a given timeline, right geotargeting, list of keywords and campaign results to deliver highest results for your business.

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