Digital Transformation: 2020 and Beyond

You may use the latest state-of –the- art technology to manufacture your products, but that does not mean your business has achieved digital transformation. To achieve that, you must implement technology that enables complete new processes to accomplish the digital marketing goals and objectives to boost business growth. You have to choose fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems and change non digital and manual processes into digital ones.

The time has come to use digital technology to create new, or modify existing business processes, culture and customer experiences to meet changing business and market challenges. The transformation is not just about technology, but also includes nurturing of the right culture, marketing strategies and talent mix to reinvent your business in this digital era.

5G and WiFi 6 for the post Covid-19 world

With the best Android mobile makers already releasing 5G phones, prepare for faster broadband speeds and more reliable networks. The proliferation of 5Gs will trigger changes making our cities, vehicles and manufacturing smarter. It will not only transform our phones, but will also metamorphose every industry that touches our lives—for the better.

True, that the technologies of 5G and WiFi 6 are different but both will give us much faster processing and wireless connection speeds. The real value of WiFi6  will not only be its faster data speeds but also the ability to produce higher quality videos with negligible buffering time across a new range of digital marketing platforms. This is important because the number of connected devices to its network is expected to increase rapidly in the next few years, enabling WiFi6 to handle the load better. These advancements will also mean that digital marketing will rely more on mobile video content and consumption.

Advantage Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

The future of digital marketing is in data, enabling marketers with customer behaviour insights into actionable business data. Moreover, higher potential of real-time processing, and analytics will again become a dominant force of digital transformation in the new normal era. If you plan to invest in analytics, which in any way you have to, you need to also consider investing in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. This will enable you to navigate the vast amount of information that will help in better understanding of target audience for sharper target-marketing. Thanks to AI and Machine Learning, complete data sets can be analysed in a fraction of the time it required two years ago. The addition of AI and Machine Learning has made digital marketing more predictive, intuitive, user- friendly and reliable.

Mention should also be made of conversational AI. Projects such as Microsoft conversational AI are really working hard to build platforms that not only can hear correctly but also follow complex conversations and understand the nuances of emotion. On the silicon side, chipsets and SOCs developed specially for smart devices are exceptionally good at isolating human voices from noisy backgrounds and accurately processing natural language in real time. Further advancement of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology will improve search engine performance and help modern marketers understand people’s preferences and discover intentions behind their searches.

Blockchain must rise again

Blockchain technology is expected to scale up. Apart from Amazon Web Services which use it with subscription – based Blockchain as a service platform, many global leaders are playing in the space. We would like to wait and watch how Blockchain would be utilized in food safety, intellectual property and royalties and real estate/ asset management. Blockchain is gearing up to rise again. Introduction of Blockchain technology will create a new paradigm of digital marketing by rewarding customers with value for giving away their data to companies for marketing mileage.

RPA prepares for the second wave

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will increasingly become a hot topic of discussion, as interest and investment in it continues to grow. With RPA proving itself trustworthy more and more global companies are likely to pour their money in it. Companies like Cisco are already using it to upskill and augment the value of their existing workforce. As per recent survey most companies are going to apply automation technology for marketing which will become the key driver for digital transformation for businesses in future.

XaaS, Ux/Cx and Privacy: Service is the key

Change is the core driver of digital transformation, and change surpasses all the tools that enable it.

XaaS – Everything as a Service will slowly gain momentum. A company like Hewlett Packard has announced that they are planning to offer everything in their portfolio as a service, within a few years.

The success of digital transformation depends a lot on user and customer experience (Ux/Cx) and this emphasis will continue to drive business investments. It signifies a turning point for Ux/Cx across a number of industries, ranging from retail and hospitality to transportation and healthcare. Advancement of technology along with the rise in user experience factor especially in the mobile world will change the way people view, interact and buy online. From SEO, content creation to content distribution in digital marketing, Ux/Cx will be the key to drive digital transformation in future.

Digital privacy will gain significance with more and more companies becoming serious about privacy and data security. Many companies are expected to adopt privacy and transparency as a brand differentiator.

Prepare for the morrow

The time is NOW. Acquire the required knowledge, skill and technology. Prepare for big changes – a step ahead of customers- and remain transparent and open about the measures you take. Find out how they are affecting businesses and end users, leverage data to your advantage. Inspire team members and you will be able to beat competition with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and initiatives.

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