E-commerce is booming: Are you ready?

No prizes for guessing the fastest growing business sector in the world. Nowadays more and more buyers and sellers are in E-commerce, electronic commerce, buying and selling goods and services. And also transmitting funds and data, through an electronic medium, primarily the internet. It is quite surprising that though relatively new, customers trust E-commerce stores more than brick and mortar ones. In order to boost purchases online E-commerce marketers extensively use social media, digital content, search engines and email campaigns to attract online buyers.

Get set and start E-commerce

What puzzles many is the process of turning an idea into an actual store. E-commerce empires founder Nick Peroni has demonstrated how to scale up an E-Commerce store to more than $ 21,000 in three weeks. Nathan Resnick, founder of Sourcify, started Product Sourcing School to actually teach people how to bring their products to the market. Sourcify’s signups have increased by 30 per cent by deploying smart influencer marketing through digital promotion. It is also offering action-takers scholarships to new users who need them. Others in the E-commerce industry are giving free trials and discounts to encourage people to learn how to sell products online. Shopify, which hosts thousands of online stores, recently extended its free trial from 30 days to 90 days.

 In order to boost this growth, ecommerce marketing is being effectively deployed to increase online conversions and brand awareness.  In fact, this is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to start their own company. Now you can acquire customers with actionable online consumer behaviour insights, while bringing your own products to life.

Moreover, ecommerce marketing has been a great way to drive awareness and action towards your product or service. Display ads, banner ads, or rich media ads have proven highly effective methods for ecommerce product promotion and marketing.

Advantage E-commerce

Are you thinking about an E-commerce start-up? Now is possibly the best time. There are a number of advantages of this platform. It does not need a physical store and yet allows you to increase the number of your customers. Your location does not come in the way of developing a new business model to expand your customer base. No rent to be paid and you save cost on maintenance and other utilities. As you are not restricted by shelf space, your stock can expand exponentially. Digital products can be sold online, with little or no overhead cost. It allows you easier, faster and more cost-effective scale up of your business, as compared to retail shops.

You can gain extensive branding mileage by targeted digital content marketing that can serve to improve your website’s ranking in search engines and also market your e-commerce store to generate online transactions.

It’s Now or Never

If you are really serious about starting your own E-commerce business, define a smart digital marketing strategy to optimize your business. Get guided by latest consumer data insights and analyze which category to focus on. E-commerce can be your foundation, especially now when we have or can access all the online tools needed to start the business.

E-Commerce is spreading like wildfire all across the world. If you are a new seller be honest with your customers and hire the right people who understand the business. Let those experts delight your customers with quality products, great user experience and explore new markets.

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